Abdulsalam A. S. Alkawri

Abdulsalam A. S. Alkawri |Clyto Access

Head of Marine Biology Department,Hodeidah University, Republic of Yemen


Expertise: Marine biology

Biography: He is working as Assistant Professor at faculty of Marine Science, Hodeidah University. He had received his M.Sc in Marine Biology from King Abdulaziz University (Saudi Arabia) in 2006 and awarded Ph.D from the National Institute of Oceanography (NIO;  India), in 2011 in Marine science. Currently he is the Head of Marine Biology Department, Hodeidah University. His research interests and experience span a wide range of topics including, marine botany, marine environment and plankton dynamics in coastal waters. His current research focuses on bloom dynamics of harmful algae that impact both finfish and shellfish in the Red Sea and the role of inorganic nutrients in the microbial food web. On the taxonomic side, recently he had described a number of new harmful algae species reported first time from Yemeni waters of the Red Sea.,

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