Arnab Paul

Arnab Paul |Clyto Access

CEO, Patient Planet, India




Arnab Paul is Patient Planet’s Chief Executive Officer, responsible for engineering, business development and platform strategy. He is currently involved in the Home care & Remote Health vertical at Patient Planet. He is working on developing new businesses in Telehealth and Internet of Things along with real time patient engagement.

Arnab Paul, traditionally a Biochemist by profession, recipient of HURST Fellowship, American University, Washington DC, USA and Saltire Scholarship, University of Aberdeen, UK, found his calling in Public Health and gradually moved into Healthcare IT space with a vision to improve the health outcomes of the people of India. He is Passionate about facilitating the alignment among technology, people and processes to ultimately improve patient experience and the functioning of healthcare.

He worked as a Director for more than a decade in the Clinical Diagnostic Industry. He is also an avid blogger and a patient engagement evangelist.


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