Banu Bulut Acar

Banu Bulut Acar |Clyto Access

Turkish Atomic Energy Authority, Turkey

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Radioactive waste management, Spent nuclear fuel reprocessing & recycling, Geological disposal


Banu have been working as radioactive waste expert in Radioactive Waste and Environmental Safety Division of Turkish Atomic Energy Authority.she received his Doctor of Nuclear Engineering at Graduate School of Applied Sciences in Hacettepe University,Turkey. Her doctoral dissertation was conducted in consultation with Prof. Okan Zabunoglu, and examines the innovative nuclear fuel cycles as well as spent nuclear fuel reprocessing and recycling techniques. In her research, she developed an integrated design and analysis environment for comparing back end fuel cycle options for Pressurised Water Reactor with regard to high level radioactive waste management and, more specifically, to geological disposal. Currently her research interest lie in the area of radioactive waste management. she work on low level solid radioactive waste minimisation and disposal.

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