Denise Healy

Denise Healy |Clyto Access

St. Angelas College, Lough Gill, Sligo, Ireland


Expertise: Nursing




Title: Evaluation of an Innovative Teaching Strategy aimed to improve Nursing Students attitudes towards older persons


It has been acknowledged the traditional lecture format is a familiar teaching methodology and that there is still much to be learnt from using this in class room based lectures. Poetry was used as an innovative teaching strategy to challenge undergraduate nursing students’ attitudes towards older persons in a lecture setting. As the population is growing older, it is vital that healthcare services have competent staff involved in the delivery of older person care. The students were in Year 3 of a Bachelor of Nursing Science General and Intellectual Disability Programmes in Ireland. They evaluated the use of poetry as an engagement strategy when eliciting their attitudes towards older persons with an emphasis on developing knowledge and skills in the clinical practice setting.Feedback was obtained from the students that comprised of three main themes; Aids Recall of Information; Enriched Learning Experiences, Challenges Attitudes to Person Centred Care. This evaluation should provide the impetus for other educationalists to recognize the value and utilize poetry as a teaching strategy within the classroom setting.


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