Dexter Hadley

Dexter Hadley |Clyto Access

University of California, San Francisco, USA

Keynote Speaker

Expertise: Precision medicine, Genomics, Biomarkers, drug discovery, medical devices, learning health systems


Dr. Hadley's is currently a Chief Scientific Advisor for Skin IQ and working as assistant professor at University of California, San Francisco. He was a research associate at Sanford University from 2013-2015. He worked as Principal Investigator His expertise is in translating big data into precision medicine and digital health. His background is in genomics and computational biology and he has training in clinical pathology. His research generates, annotates, and ultimately reasons over large multi-modal data stores to identify novel biomarkers and potential therapeutics for disease. He awarded with his Ph.D. in Genomics and Computational Biology from University of Pennsylvania during 2003-2007, He did his MD in Medicine from University of Pennsylvania during 1999-2009. He was a Principal Investigator at Provenience Biosciences, a clinical pathology resident at Stanford University Medical Center (202-2013), Lead Clinical Genomics Analyst at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (2010-12). He received many awards from UCSF, NIH/NCI, AMIA.



Title: From Bits to Bedside: Translating Big Data into Precision Medicine and Digital Health


We generate big data at breakneck speeds in medicine today that can be used to define a precision medicine ideal. At the same time, advances in artificial intelligence continue to define the technology we use as a population. In this talk, I will use examples from my research with big data analytics to define ideals of precision medicine across a variety of diseases and approaches. Specifically, the practice of medicine involves screening a general population and diagnosis of suspected cases before intervention on a specific patient. While much precision medicine research has focused on diagnosis and intervention phases, I will illustrate how my work with big data can bring precision through the full practice of medicine. Specifically, I will introduce the audience to my work in large-scale population-wide analysis with both public and private data sources. Finally, I will demonstrate how big data will power the convergence of screening with mobile technology and artificial intelligence to ultimately facilitate digital health towards a precision medicine ideal for doctors and their patients.


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