Dr. Abdul Amer R.Jassim

Dr. Abdul Amer R.Jassim |Clyto Access

University of Basrah, Iraq


Expertise: Aquatic animal diseases

Biography: Dr.  Abdul Amer R. Jassim, completed his PhD studies in Aquatic animal diseases in the year 2014.He completed his Master Degree with specialization in Parasites of Cultured Fishes for Three Localities in Basrah, Iraq.He is currently working as a lecturer, Marine Science Centre, University of Basrah. He is also the Head of the Marine Biotechnology Laboratory.He is the Manager of the biosecurity program to protect fish resources,  2014-   2016. He has in International congress on aquatic animal health management and diseases. Iran, 2009 and International symposium on fisheries and aquatic sciences FABA, 2014 Turkey. He has 6 publications in various reputed journals.,

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