Dr. Abdul Haleem A. Al-Muhyi

Dr. Abdul Haleem A. Al-Muhyi |Clyto Access

University of Basrah, Iraq


Expertise: Meteorology, Oceanography, Marine science


Dr. Abdul Haleem A. Al-Muhyi, completed his PhD in Meteorology and Oceanography from Department of Meteorology & Oceanography, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Philippines.He worked in the Iraqi Meteorological Organizationin, Libya.Currently, he is working as Assistant professor and Head of Marine Data Bank in Marine Science Center(MSC), University of Basrah.He has published 2 books (Meteorological Dictionary and Atmospheric Physics), 25 research articles and attended more than 25 conferences and workshops. He is the reviewer and Editorial Board member in renowed journals such as Journal of Ocean and Coastal Management, Elsevier and Mesopotamian Journal of Marine Science.

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