Dr. Afif Khouri

Dr. Afif Khouri |Clyto Access

University of Oviedo, Spain


Expertise: Soil nutrient dynamics, Resource assessment Water resources, Agro-forest Engineering, Agricultural Research


Dr. Afif Khouri, Elías holds his academic degree in Superior of Agronomy and Forestry Engineers from university of Cordoba in 1992. His Doctoral research lines are Soil nutrient dynamics, Resource assessment Water resources.  Dr. Afif Khouri is currently  working as a Contracted Doctor in the center of Mieres Polytechnic School.  Department of Biology of Organisms and Systems, University of Oviedo, Spain.  Dr. Afif Khouri published 35 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals,  48 Papers presented at national and international congresses,  5 Books are published and he has 2 patents are in his name.  His Previous scientific activities are done in the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) - Aleppo,  Syria (1989-1991),  Center of Agrarian Sciences. State University of Maranhao - San Luis, Brazil (1995-1998), Company Semillas Lage, S.L., La Coruña, Spain (1998-1999), Company Crop Systems International - San Diego, USA (2000-2001). Dr. Afif Khouri Member of the Research Group on Atlantic Forest Systems (GISFOREST) And responsible for the Laboratory of Agroforestry Engineering of the Department of Biology Of Organisms and Systems in Mieres.


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