Dr. Aggelos Avramopoulos

Dr. Aggelos Avramopoulos |Clyto Access

Orebro University, Greece

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Clusters, Fullerene based systems, Vibrational contributions, Relativistic correction


Dr. Aggelos Avramopoulos graduated in university of Athens, Greece. Currently he is working as an associate professor. Dr. Aliaga has published numerous articles, book chapters dealing with a variety of subjects in computational chemistry. His interests are mainly focused on the development and application of methods for the computation of linear and non-linear optical (NLO) properties of molecules (polarizability, first and second hyperpolarizability) and the design of molecules and systems with remarkable NLO response for photonic applications and simulating interactions between nano particles and biological systems with the aid of ab-initio methods.  


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