Dr. Agnihotram V. Ramanakumar

Dr. Agnihotram V. Ramanakumar |Clyto Access

McGill University, Canada

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Infection Epidemiology (HPV), Bio-statistics and Statistical Methods, Cancer Epidemiology, Cancer Registration, Environmental Epidemiology, Demography


Dr. Agnihotram  is an accomplished healthcare researcher with experience working in high-profile global organizations such as the World Health Organization, McGill University, and Analysis Group, a consulting company. Having been exposed to academic, industry, governmental and non-governmental research settings, he has  expertise in biostatistics, adaptive clinical trials, epidemiological methods, health economics, statistical software, data analysis, research design, and dissemination of results to peer-reviewed journals. Most of his publications are specific to oncology, but his research expertise is applicable to all disciplines. He has also supervised and trained several graduate students and research staff; managed several projects in structuring, standardizing, and streamlining scientific and budgetary matters; and also participated in crucial business decisions.  Dr. Agnihotram has published several peer review journals, regularly review prestigious health journals and also editorial board member of "Journal of Cancer Biology and Research”.


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