Dr. Ahmed H. A. Dabwan

Dr. Ahmed H. A. Dabwan |Clyto Access

Researcher, TATI University College, Malaysia


Expertise: Chemical processess, Industrial wastes, Environmental science aqnd technology

Biography: Dr. Ahmed obtained his Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, his Master (2001), and Ph. D. (2004) from Graduate School of Engineering, Mie University, Japan.Dr. Ahmed was appointed as a full time research in Mie Industry and Enterprise Support Center (MIESC), Japan from (4/2005 – 6/2007). Full time researcher in Anotsu Research Institute for Environmental Restoration (ARIER), Mie, Japan from 7/2007- 4/2009). From 5/2009 joined TATI University College, Terengganu, Malaysia as a lecturer, became the Dean of Chemical Engineering Technology, at the same university from 8/2012 to 2/2013. From 3/2013 till 12/2014; he was promoted as the Dean of Research Management Centre (RMC), in the same university. Currently he is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Chemical Engineering Technology, TATI University College supervising students final year projects and monitoring different research grants.Besides his research and academic activities including publications, funded projects, supervision of postgraduate students and undergraduate projects, he is also an accomplished expert in the sustainability, industrial wastes, and wastewater treatment processes, carbon dioxide chemistry, fuel production, analytical atomic spectrometry, pollution prevention, physical?chemical treatment. Moreover, he has received prestigious scholarships and awards such as; awarded the Japanese government (MEXT, scholarship 1998-2004), Japan Society for the Promotion of Science fellow (JSPS June 2011-March 2012). In Malaysia awarded different medals in national and international levels such as ITEX, MTE, and PECIPTA for his significant contribution to cleaner environment. ,

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