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Dr. Ajith Varma is a distinguished professor and scientist who published over 290 research articles, which appeared in National and International, journals of repute and also several major review articles and chapters in books. He also Published 38 books in the area of Microbial Technology, published by Academic Press, London, CRC Press, Florida, USA, IDRC, Canada and Springer-Verlag, Germany. Nominated as Editor-in-Chief by Springer-Verlag (Germany & New York), the leading science-publishing house, to prepare 50 volumes on Soil Biology.



Title: The role of Nano embedded mycorrhizae in sustainable production of medicinally important Brassica olearacea (Broccoli)


Piriformospora indica is an Arbuscular mycorrhizae, was discovered from Thar Deserts of western India (Jaisalmer, Rajasthan) by Prof. Dr. Ajit Varma in 1992. Piriformospora indica (Hymenomycetes, Basidiomycota) a novel cultivable, colonize monocot as well as dicot plants including members of Bryophyte, pteridiophytes and gymnosperms, is a root endophyte fungus, possesses multidimensional actions like plant growth promoter, bio-fertilizer, immune-modulator, obviates biotic (pathogens, hyphal feeders, and organic matter) and abiotic (water stress, heavy metal toxicity, soil structure, pH, salt) stresses, bio-herbicide, phytoremediator (Varma et al. 2012; Soubhagya et al. 2015) . P.indica is an axenically cultivable phytopromotional endosymbiont, which mimics the capabilities of AMF.Plants colonized by P.indica display a wide range of beneficial effects including enhanced host growth and resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses, promotion of adventitious root formation in cuttings and enhanced nitrate and phosphate assimilation (Zuccaro et al. 2011). They not only act as a plant promoter but also bio-protectant against pathogens (Waller et al. 2005; Deshmukh et. al. 2006).Research studies revealed that synergetic association of nanoparticles with P.indica called “Nanoembedded P.indica” resulted in enhanced fungal-biomass, spore count, thick hyphae and less vacuoles.(Patent no. 14/DEL/2003; 08.01.09) Nanoembedded P.indica is a novel nano-biofertilizer, have shown early germination, enhanced plant growth (root and shoot length, leaf count) on wide variety of plants. (Badge US, 2014).

Keywords :  Piriformospora indica, Nanomaterials, Biofertilizer

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