Dr. Ali A Z Douabul

Dr. Ali A Z Douabul |Clyto Access

Director General, University of Basrah, Iraq


Expertise: Environmental assessment, Marine biology, Marine pollution, Oil pollution, Environmental pollution, Marine chemistry, Marine organic chemistry, Applied ecology, Advanced ecology, Aquatic ecology

Biography: Dr. Ali Douabul has over 35 years of professional experience and has unmatched comprehensive experience in the fields of Environmental Assessment, Marine Biology, Marine Pollution, Oil Pollution, Environmental Pollution, Marine Chemistry, Marine Organic Chemistry, Applied Ecology, Advanced Ecology, Aquatic Ecology, Environmental Chemistry Estuarine Chemistry, and Environmental Toxicology. He has worked internationally in Canada, Yemen and for the United Nations in Australia. He has applied his extensive knowledge to various research and consulting projects in Iraq under his leadership at the Marine Science Centre. He has written 5 books and over 50 publications related to the environment of southern Iraq. Following much success as the Head of the Marine Environmental & Consulting Bureau (formerly the Marine Science Centre), Dr. Ali has recently been promoted to Director General.,

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