Dr. Arun Kumar Jha

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Head , Lifecare Hospital Musaffah


Expertise: Medical microbiology


Dr. Arun Kumar Jha is a Specialist, Microbiologist & Head, Department of Microbiology at Lifecare Hospital, Musaffah, Abu Dhabi, UAE.he has done M.B.B.S. & M.D. (Medical Microbiology) from top ranked institution of India with five & half years experience after M.D. (One year Gulf experience of Saudi Arabia).He has 12 publications in international journals of good impact factor, most of them are USA based journals.He is also a Reviewer (reviewed >5 manuscripts for well reputed international journals) and an Editorial board member to an international journal. Also he has presented several papers in national & international conferences.



Title: Clinical profile and spectrum of enteric pathogens in pediatric HIV/AIDS cases with diarrhea from a tertiary care hospital


Background & Objectives: Infection with enteric pathogens is a major cause of diarrhea in HIV positive children especially in developing countries. We sought to determine the infectious etiology of diarrhea in HIV positive children attending the ART clinic of our hospital and also the clinical and socio-demographic correlates.

Materials & Methods: Thirty five HIV infected children with diarrhea; 35 HIV infected children without diarrhea and 35 HIV negative children with diarrhea were enrolled. Clinical and socio demographic data was recorded and stool specimens were examined for Bacterial, Parasitic and Fungal pathogens.

Results: Fifty potential intestinal pathogens were isolated in the HIV positive group with diarrhea while 31 pathogens were isolated in the HIV positive group without diarrhea and 20 pathogens in the HIV negative group with diarrhea. C. parvum was the most common pathogen detected in both the HIV positive groups with and without diarrhea while diarrheagenic E. coli was the most frequent in the HIV negative group with diarrhea. CD4+ T lymphocyte counts were found to be significantly lower (p value 0.0146) in the HIV positive study group with diarrhea (median= 666 cells/µl) than the HIV seropositive control group without diarrhea (median = 906 cells/µl).

Conclusions: Regular screening of enteric pathogens in HIV positive children are of utmost importance in early diagnosis of intestinal pathogens causing diarrhea in HIV/AIDS. This study also emphasizes that by knowing the pathogens involved in diarrhea, therapeutic agents can be selected accordingly which would contribute in early initiation of targeted therapy resulting in reduced morbidity and mortality.


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