Dr. Charles AUFFRAY

Dr. Charles AUFFRAY |Clyto Access

University of Lyon, France

Organizing Committee Member

Expertise: System biology, functional genomics, Infectious respiratory diseases, Molecular genetics, Developmental Biology, public education


Charles Auffray graduated from Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan (Agrégation in Physiology and Biochemistry 1975), Pierre & Marie Curie University of Paris and the Pasteur Institute (State Doctorate in Molecular Immunology and Genetic Engineering 1981). He was a Post-doctoral Fellow and Junior Faculty (Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Harvard University in Cambridge, USA, 1981-1983); Group Leader (Institute of Embryology, CNRS and Collège de France, Nogent s/Marne, 1983-1991); Scientific Director of the Genexpress Program (Généthon, Evry, 1991-1995); Head of the CNRS Research Unit in Molecular Genetics and Developmental Biology, then Functional Genomics and Systems Biology for Health (Villejuif, 1991-2011). A Research Director at the CNRS Institute of Biological Sciences, he founded the European Institute for Systems Biology & Medicine (EISBM) in December 2010 with operations in Lyon supported by the local authorities, the academic and industrial partners of the Lyonbiopole international competitive cluster. In 2012 he joined the Joliot-Curie transdisciplinary Laboratory of CNRS and Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, hosted by Claude Bernard University and is now affiliated with the International Center for Infectiology Research. Charles Auffray develops a systems approach to complex diseases, integrating functional genomics, mathematical, physical and computational concepts and tools. He is promoting open access reagent, instrumentation and information platforms through public-private partnerships. He co-founded the IMAGE Consortium and the Systemoscope International Consortia with Profs Leroy Hood (Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle USA) and Zhu Chen (Center for Systems Biomedicine, Shanghai, China) to also tackle related epistemological, ethical, legal, philosophical and socio-economical issues with an emphasis on interdisciplinarity and public education.

Charles Auffray has participated in or coordinated >20 EU projects and is currently involved in the eTRIKS consortium (translational research information and knowledge management services), the Coordination action CASyM to develop the roadmap for implementation of systems medicine across Europe, also chairing the newly formed European Association of Systems Medicine, and the PREPARE Consortium for preparedness to outbreaks of infectious respiratory diseases.

At EISBM, Charles Auffray is fostering the transition from reactive to proactive Systems P4 Medicine through the Pioneers of Health and Wellness Vistera Project in partnership with ISB and a worldwide network of systems medicine centres, including the Luxembourg, New Delhi and Shanghai Centres for Systems Biomedicine, working toward a World Alliance of Health and Wellness. He is the co-author of >300 publications and 11 books for the general public (Hindex= 55), a member of several international societies, review committees, editorial boards, and organizing committees of national and international conferences in systems biomedicine.


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