Dr. Ergun Demirel

Dr. Ergun Demirel |Clyto Access

Piri Reis University, Turkey

Organizing Committee Member

Expertise: Maritime management, Organization, Cargo and stability, Fleet management, Safety management and navigation

Biography: Dr. Ergun Demirel carried out his master studies in Turkish Naval War College and doctorate in Istanbul University. During his service in the Turkish Navy and NATO headquarters, he has participated in many NATO projects such as Automated Data Processed Command Control Information System (ADP/CCIS), ACCS (Air Command Control System) and many national new ship construction projects. He has Outstanding Service Awards from Turkish General Staff and Undersecretary of Maritime Affairs of Prime Ministry. After retirement he became an academician in different universities. He has fellowship from UK IMarEst (Institute of Marine Engineering Science and Technology). Presently he is working as Associate Professor, Maritime Management, Piri Reis University.,

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