Dr. Farideh Delavari Edalat

Dr. Farideh Delavari Edalat |Clyto Access

University of Bradford School of Management, UK

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Environment & sustainability, Environment management, Water management, Environmental impacts, Environment and water/energy consumption, Wastewater management

Biography: Dr. Farideh Delavari Edalat is an environment & sustainability consultant with several years of experience in research and academic related fields. She has worked in the area of sustainable and adaptive environment management. Her specialized expertise is in the area of: water management, environmental performance evaluation, and strategic planning. She has experience in conducting research with regard to climate change and the environmental impacts in developing countries. She has  published a number of papers in the areas of environment and water management in international peer reviewed journals. She has reviewed research grant proposals regarding climate change. Currently, Farideh is preparing a research-based book in the area of Adaptive Water Management to be published by Springer International Publishing, International Series in Operations Research & Management Science to be published in 2017. Farideh has conducted various case studies and developed analytical models, contextualization coding, statistical coding, and simulations and presented the research findings in various conferences and seminars. The analytical methods were mostly used for modelling, running behavioral experiments such as public behavior with respect to environment and water/energy consumption  and data analysis in urban areas of developing countries. Farideh’s expertise is in the areas of sustainable water/energy management, water saving strategies through advanced sustainable approaches, treatment and reuse of wastewater in urban areas and industry in developing countries. Decision support tools such as Analytical Hierarchical process (AHP) and System Dynamic were used to model such a multi criteria decision problem and support sustainable development and management of water consumption and resources. ,

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