Dr A. H. Bandivdekar

Dr A. H. Bandivdekar |Clyto Access

NIRRH, India

Advisory Board Member



Dr A. H. Bandivdekar has done his Ph D from Mumbai University and presently Consultant at National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health, Mumbai.He is got six National and International Awards. He was Post-Doctoral and Carrier fellow at Population Council, New York and visiting scientist at UC Davis Primate Center USA. He has published book, two conference proceedings and 87 papers in International journals. He has six National and International awards and two patents. Bandivdekar is actively engaged in research on reproductive health, fertility regulation and understanding the mechanism of sexual transmission of HIV. He has developed preventive and therapeutic recombinant vaccine against HIV, synthetic peptide based antifertility vaccine and developed a formulation for prevention of sexual transmission of HIV.

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