Dr. Hamid T.AL-Saad

Dr. Hamid T.AL-Saad |Clyto Access

University of Basrah, Iraq


Expertise: Marine chemistry, Marine organic chemistry, Marine resources, Estuarine chemistry

Biography: Dr. Hamid T.AL-Saad has completed his Ph.D.in Enviromental Pollution at  University of Basrah, Iraq. Currently, he is working as the Professor and Head in Department of Marine Chemistry and Environmental Pollution at University of Basrah, Iraq. His research interests include Marine Chemistry, Marine Organic Chemistry, Marine Resources, Estuarine Chemistry, Advanced Ecology, Analytical Methods in Biology.He is also the member of IOC – UNESCO. He has published more than 10 books and 145 research articles He has attended 35 local, national, and international conferences.,


Title: A Study of Oil Pollution Status in Iraqi marine waters during the period 1980 - 2015


Oil is one of the most important sources of energy used at the global level at the present time, in addition to entry in many of the petrochemical industries with the increasing global need for increased oil exploration in both on land or in marine areas has also increased the movement of raw materials from their places of production to sites of consumption. Study aims to present the current levels of Total hydrocarbons, N-alkanes and Polycyclic Aromatic hydrocarbons in water, sediments and biota  in the districts of the Shatt al-Arab River and marine waters of Iraq during the years 1980 to 2015. While guiding the high level of hydrocarbons in the waters of the Shatt al-Arab to the impact of sub-channels of the river being located within the populated areas on the one hand and the establishment of many industries and especially oil, as are the platforms for loading of crude oil and petroleum products in the first and second pier Amuftia  and the pier Abu Flus. The Abadan refinery is located near the station Saybah, as well as the accumulation of waste oil resulting from the hundreds of boats, fishing boats and oil loading berths at the FAO in the marine waters of Iraq.


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