Dr. Hossam Samir Ibrahim

Dr. Hossam Samir Ibrahim |Clyto Access

Urban and environmental planning expert, Ministry of Municipality & Environment, Qatar


Expertise: Regional and urban development, Tourism, Coastal planning & management

Biography: Dr. Hossam is an urban and environmental planning expert with a broad-based, multi-disciplinary technical background. He has got academic and  practical experience in planning and implementing programs in wide variety of strategic developments including regional and urban developmentā€™s, tourism, and coastal planning & management. Graduated  in 1997 with honours in Urban and Regional Planning, have his Master degree from Cairo University in 2002 in Urban and Regional Planning and in 2010 he got his PhD from University of Liverpool regarding Coastal zone planning and management. Dr Hossam has more than 19 years of extensive experience and leadership in working with municipal government and consultation firms in Regional and Urban planning projects in Egypt, UK, Qatar, and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Most recently he led the preparation of MSDPs, the Interim Coastal Development Guidelines and zoning regulations in Qatar. Moreover he participated in many projects like SEA for QNMP, ICZMP and BRT in addition to many others related to QNMP. Dr. Hossam published more than 15 journal refereed papers, critical reviews, in addition to books and book chapters. ,

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