Dr. H.Y. Mohan Ram

Dr. H.Y. Mohan Ram |Clyto Access

INSA Honorary Scientist, India.

Organizing Committee Member

Expertise: Plant growth & development, Economic botany and Conservation biology.


St Philomena's College, Mysore, 1948-50; B.R. College, Agra, 1951-53; University of Delhi, 1953-59; B.Sc. 1950; M.Sc. 1953; Ph.D. 1959.
He receive d UGC J.C. Bose Award, 1978; IBS P.Maheshwari Medal, 1980; Vasvik Award, 2008; Aryabhata Medal, 2009; Indian Botanical Society Lifetime Achievement Award, 2012, and many other honours and awards.


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