Dr. Igor Goryanin

Dr. Igor Goryanin |Clyto Access

University of Edinburgh, UK

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Systems biology, modeling of complex biological systems, Microbial fuel cells, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics


Dr. Igor Goryanin is a systems biologist, who holds a Henrik Kacser Chair in Computational Systems Biology at the University of Edinburgh, and leads the Computational Systems Biology and Bioinformatics group, School of Informatics. He heads the Biological Systems Unit at Okinawa Institute Science and Technology, Japan. He is presently working rigorously on extended previously reconstructed human metabolic networks by integrating the sub cellular location and tissue distribution information. Structure analysis methods were used to fill the gaps and exclude the isolated reaction to make the location/tissue specific networks more complete and functionally intact. A new network decomposition method was developed to identify the functional modules in the tissue specific network and thus make it easy to obtain a function overview of the large scale networks.


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