Dr. Jagdish C. Katyal

Dr. Jagdish C. Katyal |Clyto Access

Cargills (Ceylon), Colombo, Sri Lanka

Organizing Committee Member

Expertise: Soil chemistry and fertilizers, micronutrients, dryland agriculture, land degradation and desertification.


Educated at Punjab Agricultural University, 1960-64; Indian Agricultural Research Institute, 1964-69; Post-doctoral Fellow, International Rice Research Institute, Los Banos. B.Sc. 1964; M.Sc. 1966; Ph.D. 1969
He received FAI Excellence in Agricultural Research, 1984; IFDC Best Visiting Scientist, 1986; Rafi Ahmad Kidwai Award, 1996; Ranade Trust Lifetime Achievement Award 2001; Rajiv Gandhi Award, 2007.


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