Dr. K. Kathiresan

Dr. K. Kathiresan |Clyto Access

Annamalai University, India

Organizing Committee Member

Expertise: Marine biology


Dr. K.Kathiresan is a world class scientist, who has spent practically most of his academic career by studying on the mangrove forest environment.  He has published over 400 original research articles and eight books. Two of his research papers are the only Indian works among the top 10 highly cited papers on mangroves in the world. He has executed 17 research projects, and guided 35 Ph.D. He has helped the Govt. of India  to draft guidelines for mangrove management.  He has conducted many training programmes like 15-day International training course every year for the benefit of about 200 people from 22 countries. He has undertaken mangrove field studies in 14 countries. He is recipient of several awards like International “NAGA” award by World Fish Centre, Malaysia in 2001. He is serving as Dean in Faculty of Marine Sciences and Director in Centre of Advanced Study in Marine Biology of the University.


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