Dr. Ken Overturf

Dr. Ken Overturf |Clyto Access

USDA Agriculture Research Service, USA


Expertise: Nutrient utilization and growth in fish, Marine Biology, Molecular Genetics

Biography: Dr. Ken Overturf received his PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of Nevada-Reno. His post-doctoral work was in Medical and Molecular Genetics at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, Oregon and then he served as Associate Research Scientist in the Gene Therapy Department at the University of Alabama-Birmingham before accepting a research geneticist position with the USDA Agriculture Research Service. Dr. Overturf was the first to demonstrate the ability to genetically select fish species for enhanced utilization of specific dietary components. His research has contributed to the understanding of fish muscle growth and the biology behind enhanced growth and tolerance to plant-based feeds in salmonids. His current research involves a holistic approach to understanding nutrient utilization and growth in fish. ,

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