Dr. Kenneth Y Anchang

Dr. Kenneth Y Anchang |Clyto Access

CUC, Nigeria




Dr. Kenneth Yongabi Anchang is a medical science expert and Associate Professor with a PhD and D.Sc in public health infectiology and a PhD in Bio (medical) engineering. Kenneth is also a practicing Naturopath doctor and member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association. He received his undergraduate and Post graduate studies at Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University in Nigeria, where he also lectured for five years and coordinated research at the University’s multidisciplinary ZERI research centre. He has a strong background in the prognosis, diagnosis and treatment of tropical infections with the application of antibiotics and natural products, and runs a clinic in integrative medicine. He founded the Phytobiotechnology Research Foundation and Clinics in 2007. He was the first to use the word Phyto-biotechnology as well as associated terms like Phytodisinfectants and phytocoagulants. He was a member infectious disease society of America (IDSA in 2007-2009).

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