Dr. Liang Dong

Dr. Liang Dong |Clyto Access

Researcher, Leiden University, Netherlands


Expertise: Industrial ecology, Urban sustainability


Dr. Liang Dong is Researcher, Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML), Leiden University, The Netherlands, and also the Visiting researcher, Center for Social and Environmental System Research, National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan. He received his Doctor of Engineering at Graduate School of Environmental Studies in Nagoya University, Japan. His research focuses on the industrial ecology and urban sustainability, in detail, the nexus of urban resources management, industrial symbiosis/eco-industrial parks, as well as integrated sustainable waste management. Multiple approaches are applied, like urban metabolism analytical approaches(input-output model, life cycle assessment), sustainability assessment model and spatial analysis. He has co-authored about 60 peer-reviewed papers and book chapters in this field, total impact factor is over 150 and H-index is over 10. He acted as the core member in a series of circular economy and sustainable urban  projects in China, Japan and Indonesia, and currently a leading scientist for a Sino-Dutch Smart Industrial Parks project. 


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