Dr. M. Graça Pereira

Dr. M. Graça Pereira |Clyto Access

University of Minho, Portugal

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Chronic Illness, Integrated Care, Family Health Promotion, Family Systems Medicine, Medical Family Therapy, Traumatic Stress


Dr. M. Graça Pereira is a clinical health psychologist with a PhD from Florida State University, USA in the field of family systems medicine and the practice of medical family therapy and the Aggregation in Medicine, from the Faculty of Medicine at University of Oporto (Portugal), in the area of clinical research and health services. Currently, Prof. Pereira is an Associate Professor with Aggregation, in the School of Psychology, at the University of Minho and the coordinator of the Research Unit in Health, Well being and Performance, in the Psychology Research Centre (CIPsi), in Portugal. Prof. Pereira’s current research has addressed four domains: the (1) Impact of Chronic Illness (e.g. diabetes, cancer, alzheimer) on patients, family members and/or caregivers regarding illness adaptation, therapeutic adherence, quality of life, and post-traumatic growth; (2) Processes Associated with Health and Illness in Vulnerable Groups (e.g. patients with diabetic foot ulcers or amputated) regarding the physical and psychological impact of stress and trauma; (3) Health Promotion at individual and family level in non-clinical and clinical populations, 4) Integrated Care and Inter professional Education in Health.


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