Dr. Maidul Islam

Dr. Maidul Islam |Clyto Access

Aliah University, West Bengal. India


Expertise: Interaction of various small molecules and dyes with DNA, RNA and Proteins, Biological activities of natural and Synthetic molecules, Syntheis of nanoparticles using biological substance


Dr. Maidul Islam carried his Ph. D from Indian Institute of Chemical Biology. And he has OUTSTANDING SCIENTIST AWARD by Venus International Research Foundation.Presently he is working as an assistant professor at the department of chemistry, Aliah University, Kolkata, West Bengal.



Title: Effect of structure on the bioactivity of Rhodamine dyes


Structure of biomolecules play a significant role on their biological activities. Rhodamine B is a common dye used as food additive in India. We thoroughly investigated the biological activity of Rhdoamine B and its other derivatives to get a clear idea about their structure activity relationship. We have investigated the DNA binding activity and cytotoxicity of Rhdoamine derivatives All the derivatives bound with DNA showing the binding affinities in the order 105-106 M-1. Circular dichroic results suggested that the conformation of DNA was perturbed by all the derivatives. Fluorescence quenching studies gave evidence for groove binding mode. Isothermal titration calorimetry revealed that the binding was characterized by negative enthalpy and positive entropy changes. The overall binding affinity of the derivatives to the DNA revealed that other derivatives of Rhodamine bind strongly in comparison to Rhodamine B. The temperature dependence of the enthalpy changes afforded large negative values of heat capacity changes for the binding to ds DNA suggesting substantial hydrophobic contribution in the binding process. From our studies, we found that the binding free energies and cytotoxicity of the three dyes were in the order of R6G > R123 > RB. The core structure of all the three dyes were same, so it can be concluded that functional group in the side chain play a significant role in the bioactivity.


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