Dr. Manorath Khullar

Dr. Manorath Khullar |Clyto Access

HIx Excelleny President Of India, Sally Beauty Company, Apollo Hospital, India


Expertise: Skin Rejuvenation, Face Lift, Hair Growth and Age Management

Biography: Dr. Manorath Khullar is a senior trainer skin and hair expert and business development expert for Macademy , New Delhi, India. Dr. Manorath awarded gold medalist by his Excellency, the Hon'ble President of India. He has an honor of Directing the First MEDI-SPA at Asian spalon, New Delhi, India. Dr. Manorath has a special interest in application of the cosmetic BOTOX & PERLANE ( Dermal Fillers ) in combination with Aesthetic Application of Lasers, IPLs, Pulse Light Technology, Photo dynamic Therapy, Inject-able Products, Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures. Dr.Manorath is the first person in Delhi to start with the stem cell therapy for hair regrowth. He has given the best results in the country and in abroad.,


Title: Stem cell for hair regrowth and skin rejuvenation and anti ageing

Abstract: There are many misconceptions about hair growth treatment using stem cells. Although the need for hair growth is most commonly associated with heredity male pattern baldness; however, that’s not always the correct diagnosis. Other causes of premature hair loss may be the result of traumatic events such as severe burns or head trauma sustained in an automobile accident as well as hair loss on other limbs of the body. Thanks in large part to breakthrough stem cell technology, current research studies are yielding positive results giving men in particular a boost of self-confidence.Furthermore, it’s important to point out that embryonic cells are not used in the procedures. Instead, Autologous stem cells, or cells taken from your own body that are used in hair growth treatment. While there’s a cloud of ambiguity surrounding the innovative stem cell treatment, it’s potential to offer a safe and effective alternative solution for individuals suffering embarrassing hair loss.,

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