Dr. MD. Abul Mansur

Dr. MD. Abul Mansur |Clyto Access

Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh

Organizing Committee Member

Expertise: Fisheries, Flavour components of various fish species, Processed fish and fishery products, Antioxidant activity of fish, Processed fish

Biography: Dr. Md. Abul Mansur studied in the reputed Comilla Zilla School and historic Comilla Victoria Government College.  He passed S.S.C. Examination in 1978 in 1st Division and H.S.C. in 1980 in 2nd Division. He achieved B.Sc. Fisheries (Honours) Degree of 1984 (Examination held in 1986); and M.Sc. (Fisheries) in Fisheries Technology Degree of 1985 (Examination held in 1989) of the Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh with 1st Class 2nd Position and 1st Class 1st Position in order of merit respectively. He obtained Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Degree from The University of Hull, England, UK under TCT Fellowship of Britain in 1995. During Ph.D. research he was member of management committee of a research project funded by European Commission (EC AIR Project CT 93-1141 ‘Enzymatic ripening of the pelagic species’) at the University of Hull, England, UK. In his PhD research Dr. Mansur conducted quality research on the Biochemical and textural aspect of the ripening of pickled herring. Dr. Md. Abul Mansur is a Professor of the Department of Fisheries Technology, Faculty of Fisheries, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, Bangladesh since 26th April 2001. He has over 29 years teaching and research experience in this Department. Dr. Md. Abul Mansur won National Fisheries Fortnight-2005 Award (Bronze Medal) awarded by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. He was Chartered Scientist (CSci) and Fellow of the Institute of Food Science and Technology (FIFST), London, UK.Dr. Mansur has written famous text books entitled “FISHERIES STUDIES” Part-I, Part-II and Part-III, ‘PICKLE CURING of British Coast Herring fish’ on Fisheries Education at University level. These text books have been accepted as text book in the Universities of Bangladesh and UK.  He is the author of 47 scientific papers and short papers published in various journals of the world, 10 scientific papers presented in conference and symposium. Apart from the books and  scientific papers he has written some useful articles in News Papers, Souvenir, and a manual entitled “HACCP Manual” (in Bengali Language). ,

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