Dr. Mukesh Kumar

Dr. Mukesh Kumar |Clyto Access

University of Ulm, Germany

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: iPSCs Production, Functional analysis of Telomerase Protein components during Aging, Age related diseases, Protein/Drug delivery through Lipid, Dendrimers, Silica and Gold nanoparticles in Hematopoiesis, Development and analysis of drugs

Biography: Dr.Mukesh Kumar obtained M.Sc.Biochemistry in Universität Leuven, Belgien and obtained his PhD in Molecular Biology in Universität Tübingen, Germany. Dr.Mukesh Kumar has many years of Scientific experience in field of Drug delivery, Oncology, Virology, Pre -clinical studies and he his qualified in to in Regulatory affairs, GxP, Project management, Health Management.,

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