Dr. N. Felix

Dr. N. Felix  |Clyto Access

TNFU, India

Organizing Committee Member


Biography: Dr.N.Felix is a Professor and Director of Fisheries Institute of Technology and Training, Tamil Nadu Fisheries University, Chennai, India. He has 25 years of experience in aquaculture teaching, research and extension. He visited Thailand, Malaysia and China for presenting research papers in the conferences and Indonesia and Vietnam for attending training on marine finfish culture and breeding. He was a project leader for a World Bank funded National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP) on Cobia breeding and farming in India with a total budget of US$ 0.7 million. His current research focuses on fish and shrimp nutrition and cage culture of fishes. He has operated 25 research projects on aquaculture worth of 2.5 million US dollars as Principal Investigator and Co-Principal Investigator. He developed seven university approved technologies on shrimp herbal feed and cobia culture. He has been awarded best Teacher, best researcher, appreciation award for having developed innovative technologies on Cobia, young Scientist Fellowship and Junior Research Fellowship. Three International Industry collaborative projects were undertaken with feed companies of Denmark and Singapore for a funding support of US$ 25,000 in shrimp. He has authored over 90 articles and 3 books. He has given research guidance to 15 post graduate students in Fisheries science. He organized 7 National workshops on Cobia farming including one with Dr.Michael Schwartz from USA and over 80 training programmes for fish and shrimp farmers on various innovative technologies.,

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