Dr. Nabil Zouari

Dr. Nabil Zouari |Clyto Access

Professor, Qatar University, Doha


Expertise: Environmental Sciences


Dr. Nabil Zouari is Full-Professor of Biology and Environmental Microbiology.  He obtained his PhD degree in Microbiology, Enzyme Engineering & Bioconversion from the University of Technology of Compi├Ęgne (UTC, France).Dr Nabil is also engineer in biological engineering.  He has 33 years of experience in Teaching and Research & Development in the fields of Environmental Technology, Enzyme Engineering, Industrial Microbiology and transfer of technology  in France, Tunisia and Qatar.Dr. Nabil published more than 52 papers in international indexed journals, covering all his fields of specialization. He developed 6 industrial applications in the field of agro-industry. He has an experience of ten years in the field of results development and valorization and incubation of innovations ( in France and Tunisia) and created one start-up in the field of biotechnology. He has experience in leading and directing research projects, UG and graduate research supervision (dozens of theses) and graduate studies coordination as well.


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