Dr. Nassim Abi Chahine

Dr. Nassim Abi Chahine |Clyto Access

Neuro Surgeon, Director, Regentime

Organizing Committee Member

Expertise: Stem Cell

Biography: Dr. Nassim Abi Chahine established Regentime as a form of spreading the good word to help patients with their incurable diseases and to give hope for their recovery and treatment. Dr. Nassim's work has broadened nationwide with such success and growing. Based in Beirut Lebanon, he travels continuously for further development adding innovations and modifications for the finest results. Abi Chahine is a genuine and approachable physician allowing easy communication methods for questions regarding the use of Regentime treatments for patient satisfaction and peace of mind.,


Title: The Regentime Procedure for Organ Regeneration


Over a period of six years, three hundreds patients with different degenerative diseases were monitored after the treatment with the Regentime Procedure. The study encircled a range of progressively deteriorating and chronic diseases having the tissue degeneration as a common pathophysiological feature. Autologous bone marrow stem cells were outsourcing all therapeutic acts.The aim of our research was to monitor the protocol of this stem cell transplantation procedure and its results. We notably studied the biological preparation of the donor and the receptor area, worked on the cells handling and processing, incubation and transplantation paces. After we understood new ex-vivo and in-vivo phenomena, several steps forward have been achieved.This article talks about many symptoms facilitating the understanding of cell transplantation as an innovative medical field to our older colleagues in the clinical, therapeutic and academic ground.
Moreover this work, as the previous one, presented in shanghai 2015,unmasks prime evidences in therapy, including stem cell transformation following incubation with ultra-filtrates nano molecules, the organ-specific peptides, reminding followers at the end of the equation facilitating the estimation of biological success of the Regentime Procedure applied in different cases.


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