Dr. Neelam Verma

Dr. Neelam Verma |Clyto Access

Punjabi University, Patiala

Organizing Committee Member

Expertise: Biotechnology, Biosensor,Enzyme purification, immobilization strategies, bioremediation, drug designing


Dr.Neelam Verma is presently working as a Professor in the Dept. of Biotechnology, Punjabi University, Patiala. She Headed the Department from March 2005-March 2008.In 1988, she joined Punjabi University Patiala and continue in teaching and research till date. She has 33 years of research experience and 29 years teaching experience. She has about 108 research publications and contributed many book chapters. She has guided 27 PhD students and 8 are under guidance. She is member of University Boards/ Committees like board of studies, Research Award Committee, Faculty of Life Sciences, Board of Post Graduate Studies and Research, Subject expert in selection committees, inspection team for opening Biotechnology and Allied Subjects, Member of B.Ed Counseling and Coordinator NAAC team visit to Science stream.Reviewed many biosensors related projects or funding in DST. Served as a reviewer in various international journals like Biosensor Bioelectronics, Sensor and Actuator, Talanta, JPSA, Mol. Catalysis, Environmental Technology etc. Organizing Secretary of National Symposium 2004 on Recent advances in Biotech, Co-Convener, National Symposium on Med-Biotech-2005, Convener, National Symposium 2006-New Horizons in food and fermentation Biotechnology. She is actively engaged in research in are of Enzyme purification, immobilization strategies, bioremediation, drug designing, data base development and biosensor development for urea, pesticides, heavy metals, BOD, leukemic patients dose monitoring and MIPS. Research work has been recognized at International level as many times invited for the presentation.

Research orientation is having direct relevance to society. Proto type has been developed for copper biosensor for commercialization. Post graduate courses taught (Theory and Practical) are Environment Biotechnology, R-DNA Technology, Principles of Biochemistry and metabolism, Molecular Biophysics, Molecular Modelling, Enzyme Technology, Biochemical Engineering etc. Technology Transfer: Technology exposure from NMSU, USA has been implemented for the research work carried in the laboratory, National research development corporation for the transfer of technology for development of urea Biosensor and copper biosensor. Dr. Neelam Verma was awarded Life time achievement award by VIFA 2016 in Biosensor Technology and Selected for BHARAT JYOTI AWARD (2006) &Shiksha Rattan Puraskar 2007 by India International Friendship Society. Overseas Visits: New Orleans, USA (1998), NMSU, USA (2002), Orlando, USA (2005), Vancouver, Canada (2008). UPMC, Paris, France (2010). The consortium project involving multi Institutions of about 31 crores approved ICAR (NAIP) has been completed and outcome of the project is that national level referral lab has been opened up at NDRI for milk testing.


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