Dr. Pardeep Kumar Chhuneja

Dr. Pardeep Kumar Chhuneja |Clyto Access

HOD of Entomology at the Punjab Agriculture University, India




1) He completed his B.Sc. Agric. (Hons) and M.Sc. Entomology with Gold Medals.
2) During Ph.D., he topped the list of ICAR-SRF awardees, and has been recipient of scholarships during all his university degrees.
3) He has 26 years of post-doc experience of working at PAU including at two outstations and in two departments at main campus including 18 years in the Department of Entomology.
4) He has handled nine research projects including Team of Excellence project of the ICAR under NATP and currently he has been PI of the prestigious Integrated Beekeeping Development Centre project funded by NBB (GOI).

1) Dr. Chhuneja has published 93 research papers in the journal of international and national repute; he has also published 9 review papers, and has published 42 full papers and 142 abstracts in the proceeding of various scientific fora.
2) Chhuneja has written 141 popular articles, authored three books in Punjabi, prepared 10 training manuals, 3CDs, 6 flash news and 203 beekeeping operations each for Progressive Farming and Changi Kheti.
3) He has authored 3 text books, prepared 6 teaching manuals and 1 video CD for UG students.
4) He had been Editor/ Associate Editors of many scientific journals including the Agricultural Research Journal being published by the PAU.

Workshops and Lectures:
1) Dr. Chhuneja organized 30 apicultural workshops; participated in 251 trainings and delivered 7,266 lectures besides 25 lectures at farmers’ camps. He handled 7 funded training projects.
2) He has 55 radio & TV talks to his credit.He has 26 national level recommendations in apiculture to his credit.
3) His contributions towards the development of the apiculture are immense. He has given numerous technologies in bee husbandry, bee pathology, bee parasitology, bee nutrition, bee products, queen bee rearing, bee flora and pollination, etc.
4) He organized one National Honey Festival cum Beekeeping Workshop; 69 apicultural trainings for farmers and beekeepers and 8 advance apicultural trainings for SAU scientists.

Awards and honors:
1) He is the member of the team recipient of Best AICRP Team Award and also won Overall Best ICAR-AICRP Centre on Honey Bees & Pollinators.
2) Dr. Chhuneja is life member of several professional societies; he has been India representative for ISO-TC-34 and has been the member of International Honey Commission.
3) He has been bestowed as Fellow of INSAIS. Currently, he is the Vice President of INSAIS.Dr Chhuneja was also member Technical Consultant in Govt Flagship Trilateral Cooperation Programme among India-Kenya-USA for apicultural development in Kenya.
4) Dr . Chhuneja has been recipient of several honours from various societies and organizations for his immense contributions towards the development of apiculture in the country.
5) Besides, he has wide international exposure and has visited UK, Switzerland, Ukraine, Kenya, Hungary, Slovenia and Pakistan and many awards and honors.
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