Dr. Rabeah Rawashdeh

Dr. Rabeah Rawashdeh |Clyto Access

Yarmouk University, Jordan




Rabeah Rawashdeh has completed her PhD in Nanoscience from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, in 2014. She is the first one in Jordan to get a PhD in Nanoscience and the first female in her town to pursue her study abroad. She currently works as an assistant professor at Yarmouk University. She has been employed at this job for three years. Her research interests include nanoparticle synthesis and the biological activities of nanomaterials.



Title: Effect of metallic nanoparticles on seed germination of selected vegetables in Jordan


Several studies endeavourto determinethe effect of metallic NPS on seed germination of various plants. However,the biological quality of treated seeds has not been well examined in literature. Thus, the main aim of our project is to assess the morphological and biochemical changes of vegetable seeds treated with NPs to verify target molecules.Seeds of selected local vegetables will be grown in petri dishes to observe the effect of NPson their germination. After monitoring their growth, seeds will be biochemically evaluated by the quantification of proteins, sugars and antioxidant levels.SEM will be used to examine seed morphology and the metal content in seeds will be analyzed using energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS). To our knowledge this project is one of few studies to quantify proteins and sugars invegetable seeds treated with metallic NPs.


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