Dr. Ramzi Maalej

Dr. Ramzi Maalej |Clyto Access

University of Sfax, Tunisia



Biography: He is working as a Georesources faculty at University of Sfax in Tunisia,


Title: Er/Yb codoped ZnO thin films as an efficient antireflection and downconvertor layer for c-Si cells applications


Interest in zinc oxide doped rare earth thin films is nourished by the wide spectrum of ZnO applications in advanced technologies, in particular Light emitting diodes and solar cells ( R. Elleuch et al., 2013). We propose the successful aerosol assisted chemical vapor deposition liquide source method to deposit hexagonal phased Er3+,Yb3+:ZnO/Si thin film with large surface (3x3 inch) as an antireflection and down converter layer for boosting c-Si solar cell efficiency. Moreover, annealing treatments in air atmosphere improves  the quality of the films  and, thanks to the better crystallinity and enhanced optical properties, the transmission of the films became higher ( R. Elleuch et al., 2014). Indeed, intense and well resolved infra-red emission at 1000 nm of Yb3+ ions was obtained originating from an Yb-Er transfer energy process, which can be absorbed by the c-Si solar cell (figure 1). ZnO:Er,Yb shaped nanocones films have decreased the reflectance of the c-Si from 35% to the 12% arisen from a trapping the incoming light by multiple reflexion. The obtained results demonstrate that this films can enhance the c-Si solar cell efficiency by light trapping and spectrum shifting when it is placed in front of the cell.
Keywords:  Aerosol assisted chemical vapor deposition, ZnO doped Er/Yb ions, Downconversion, Antireflection coating, c-Si applications.


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