Dr. Rashida Qari

Dr. Rashida Qari |Clyto Access

Professor & Director, University of Karachi, Pakistan

Organizing Committee Member

Expertise: Marine environment, Marine pollution and marine biology

Biography: Dr. Rashida Qari is a Professor and Director of Institute of Marine Sciences, University of Karachi, Pakistan from April 2010 to date. She has twenty seven years of teaching experience as Marine Scientist, Thirty eight research publications, seven are accepted in different peer review journals, three monographs are under preparation, eighty popular scientific articles published in daily newspaper (Jang, Hurriat and Jisarat) and monthly magazine (Science Digest, Shabistan, Jadeed Science, Baqai Sahat) and twenty Islamic articles published in daily news paper (Jang and Hurriat) and monthly magazine (Mahrab- Member, Turjuman Ahla Sunnat, Mehromah and Ilham),fully Contributed/participated in preparation of BS 4-years and MS / PhD curriculum of Marine Science, Editorial Advisory Board member of  “Journal of Environmental Research and Development, India” , Journal of Science. She is the Reviewer Board member of  “Journal of shipping and ocean engineering” Dec 2013 to Date,  Member Executive of Karachi University Officers Welfare Association (1998-1999), Principal investigator of six marine projects. She attended and participated in several International and national conferences. She has been providing continuous support in identifying marine resource and issues especially marine pollution.,

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