Dr. Renee Kim

Dr. Renee Kim |Clyto Access

Full professor, HanYang University, Republic of Korea

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Applied Economics, Price Analysis, Commodity Market Analysis, International Business, Food Distribution, Market Research Methodology, Food Marketing


Dr. Renee Kim is a full professor of the Business School at HanYang University in the Republic of Korea. Currently, she has actively engaged herself in the fields of international marketing, globalization issues, trade, Agri-food marketing, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and non-profit organization. She serves as a Board member of various academic associations, also founded ‘Korea Institute of Sustainable Economy (KISE), www.kifekorea.org - a research institute, established to advocate dynamic socio-economic interchange between Korea and its trading partner countries, particularly in Asian Consumer market & amp, food sector. In terms of academic activities, she has been involved in several international projects that promote dialogue between North America and Asian countries. She was a Monbusho scholar, and led an international project to assess Japan, Korea and Canada’s commodity market trade prospects and challenges. She is currently a participating member in the East Asian Food Security program which was initiated by the ASEAN-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (AJCEP), a consultative organization in AMAF+3 countries. She has published several research papers in several high impact International refereed journals in the area of Food technology.


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