Dr. Rhituraj Saikia

Dr. Rhituraj Saikia |Clyto Access

Apex Professional University, Arunachal Pradesh, India


Expertise: Nanotechnology, Energy and Cosmology


Dr Rhituraj Saikia, Dean (Academic and Research) , Apex Professional University is a Physicist working in the field Nanotechnology, Energy and Cosmology. He is presently guiding five Research Scholars for Ph.D program. He has more than 35 international publications, abundant numbers of invited talks and more than 10 software mobile apps into his credit. He is reviewer of many international journals like ‘American Journal of Nanomaterial’(USA), ‘International Journal of Physics’ (USA), ‘Athens Journal of Science’ (Greece), ‘Physics and Materials’ (USA) etc. His book titled “The Small: World of Nanotechnology” is under publication.



Title: Core/Shell Nanostructures for Biosensor Application


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