Dr. Roberto Badaro

Dr. Roberto Badaro |Clyto Access

Cornell University Medical College, USA

Organizing Committee Member


Biography: Dr. Roberto Badaroan is an  Infectious Diseases specialist (1979) and has done PhD (1996) with large experience in managing longitudinal and intervention studies. He was Assistant and Associate Professor of the Cornell University Medical College (1985-1995), Visiting Professor of Infectious Diseases of the Harvard School of Public Health (1995), Full Professor of Medicine University of California San Diego (2005-2007) and Full Professor of Infectious Disease UFBA (2001- present). He have served as member of advisory boards of several drug company related to drug development, including Bristol Myers Squibb, Abbott, Merck Sharp  Dohme, Novartis and Roche and as an Advisory Board Member of the Steering Committee for Leishmaniasis at the World Health Organization. Also He have served as a member of NIAID study sections in the areas of HIV and Leishmaniasis. His research interests have focused on the epidemiology, immunology, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases. he have 30+ years of experience in research on Leishmaniasis, HIV infection and tropical diseases. he have also helped in the development of novel vaccine candidates for tuberculosis and leishmaniasis as well as in the discovery of the K39 test for leishmaniasis, which is the gold standard test in India, Bangladesh, and Brazil, and the next generation test that is being launched in Africa.,

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