Dr. Santosh Kumar Sarkar

Dr. Santosh Kumar Sarkar |Clyto Access

Professor, University of Calcutta

Organizing Committee Member

Expertise: Bioactive substances in marine biota, Hypoxic conditions in marine environments, Speciation of metals/metalloids in marine sediments, Marine biodiversity (both plankton and benthos) and impact of climate change

Biography: Dr. Santosh Kumar Sarkar is  entrusted as Professor of Marine Science, University of Calcutta.  He has been working in  tropical and temperate wetland ecosystems in diverse disciplines such as community structure of plankton, Trace metal and its speciation in biotic and abitic matrices, trace organics in sediments, impact of climate change on marine biota, bioactive substances in biota. He had acted  as Principal Investigators for a good number of collaborative research projects in India and abroad. He was awarded Australian Leadership Award Fellowship  for  Climate Change Forum addressing consequences for South Asia (2010). He has delivered lectures in reputed academic Institutes in India and abroad and published about 80 research papers in peer-reviewed international journals and also published two books  from Springer. He has directed 8 PhD theses and 24 Master theses, and has authored 22 communications to conferences, 6 of which were invited presentations. He has coordinated numerous multi-team research projects, often international, directed fieldwork campaigns, organised workshops, conferences and symposia.,

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