Dr. Saskia D. Keesstra

Dr. Saskia D. Keesstra |Clyto Access

Wageningen University,The Netherlands

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: catchment system dynamics


Dr. Saskia is presently working as the Associate professor in chair group Soil Physics and Land Management group, Wageningen UR, Wageningen University,The Netherlands. She is also the Chair of COST Action ES1306: Connecting European Connectivity research (EU funded 4 year project); President of the Soil System science division of the European Geosciences Union and Conjoint Associate Professor at the University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia. She persued her PhD from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. She has published 70+ articles in peer review journals and she has also written book chapters.

Her main research focus revolves around understanding catchment system dynamics in a holistic way by incorporating both processes on hillslopes as well as in the river channel. Process knowledge enables explanation of the impact of natural and human drivers on the catchment systems and which consequences these drivers have for water and sediment connectivity. Improved understanding of the catchment sediment and water dynamics will empower sustainable land and river management and mitigate soil threats like erosion and off-side water and sediment accumulation with the help of nature’s forces. In her research she focuses on methodology development, with specific : (i) focussing on upscaling, how can point scale methods be used on larger spatial scales; and (ii) focussing on downscaling: from landscape to fine resolution, approaching plot scale. With these foci she wants to work on developing tools to get a grip on filling the scale gap between laboratory measurements using upscaling as well as downscaling as approach.


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