Dr. Sayeh Ezzikouri

Dr. Sayeh Ezzikouri |Clyto Access

Institute Pasteur du Maroc, Morocco

Organizing Committee Member

Expertise: Liver cancer, Epidemiology, Molecular mechanisms, Biomarkers

Biography: Dr.Sayeh Ezzikouri received his PhD from the University of Chouaib Doukkali El jadida, Morocco on etiology and molecular mechanisms of liver cancer in the maghreb region. In 2008, he took up a researcher position in Viral Hepatitis Laboratory at the Institute Pasteur du Maroc. His current research interests in the field of the epidemiology, virology and genetic aspects of hepatitis viruses and liver cancer in the Maghreb region. From 2013 to 2015, he moved to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Kagoshima University (Japan) to work with Prof Kyoko Tsukiyama-Kohara‚Äôs group on establishment of small animal model of infection with hepatitis B virus and hepatitis C virus and related disease and also on biomarkers and drug discovery. He is recipient of many national and international wards. He serves as editorial board member and reviewer of number of journals. ,

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