Dr. Sharif Lorenzini

Dr. Sharif Lorenzini |Clyto Access


Keynote Speaker

Expertise: Travel and Tourism


Born in 1978, father of three children, Muslim, Italian, Prof. Dr. Eng. Sharif Lorenzini has been the President of Halal International Authority since 2010. Prior to this, he was CEO of CCIB, a company dealing with international advisory and general contracting, and of SINTERIVET, a company managing the glass and waste recycling. He also held high offices in other Italian companies such as ANAS S.p.A, American companies such as Procter&Gamble and American Express and British companies such as Alegna Marconi. As far as his academic career, Dr. Lorenzini successfully completed the academic studies at the Engineering Management Faculty (Industrial Production school) of the Polytechnic of Turin and at the Business School of Brighton, Uk. He also performed higher studies and matured decades experience in International Business Development & Management. He is a privileged representative of the Muslim community on both Italian and European levels. He is author of studies and written works focused on integrated Halal global market as well as socio-cultural integration for globalized commercial and economic development.


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