Dr. Song Yuhua

Dr. Song Yuhua |Clyto Access

University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Molecular dynamics, Computational biology, Tissue mechanics, Cell mechanics, Molecular mechanics, Apoptosis, Apoptotic removal, Cell adhesion, Regenerative medicine, Breast cancer


Dr. Song Yuhua has completed her Ph.D. from Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China in Materials Science & Engineering. Her research group is using integrated computational modeling and experimental approaches to investigate the fundamental structural and functional mechanisms of the bio molecular interactions underlying apoptosis and apoptotic removal, and to identify molecular targets to overcome the drug resistance in breast cancer. Multi scale modeling of the protein complexes in regulating cell adhesion and collagen expression in tissue remodeling is another focus of the group. She also interested in the optimized design of bio materials and small molecules/drugs for cell-based therapeutics, including the applications in immunoisolation nanotechnology. Dr. Song has published over 30 peer-reviewed papers in high profile journals including Journal of Biological Chemistry, Biophysical Journal, Biochemistry, Proteins, Journal of American Chemical Society, and Journal of Bio mechanics.

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