Dr. Sunil K. Lal

Dr. Sunil K. Lal |Clyto Access

Monash University , Malaysia

Organizing Committee Member

Expertise: Molecular Virology, Emerging Infectious Diseases, Molecular Biology of Host-Virus interactions, Host-virus relationships, Cell signalling and cell cycle progression, Cellular NF-kB, Enolase/S100A8, Ubiquitin ligase, Host innate immune responses

Biography: Dr. Sunil K. Lal is professor of Microbiology at Monash University , Malaysia. He has nearly 15 textbooks on Croatian, German and English language. He also has several publications, Books and Book Chapters in reputed Journals. Patent: A process for producing recombinant Matrix 1 protein (M1) Capsid Like Proteins (CLPs) and their use as potential influenza vaccine candidate. Vahid Baniasadi & Sunil K. Lal. Indian Patent Application No. 91/DEL/2013; Application filed: 2013,

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