Dr. Susan Guzman

Dr. Susan Guzman |Clyto Access

Behavioral Diabetes Institute, USA

Keynote Speaker

Expertise: Diabetes


Susan Guzman, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist specializing in diabetes. Her clinical focus areas include overcoming barriers to good management, family issues, and promoting attitudes that support living well with diabetes, from diagnosis throughout life. Dr. Guzman integrates empathy, acceptance and practical guidance to help people better utilize their strengths in living life with diabetes. In 2003, Dr. Guzman co-founded the Behavioral Diabetes Institute (BDI), the first non-profit organization devoted to the emotional and behavioral aspects of living with diabetes. At BDI, she has served as the Director of Clinical/Educational Services developing and leading programs for people with diabetes and training for Healthcare Professionals.



Title: Changing the Conversation in Diabetes: From Discouraged to Engaged


It is commonly believed that patients with poor management are unmotivated, lack adequate willpower, aren’t scared enough, and are perhaps incapable of making necessary change. These assumptions about these patients, though understandable, are incorrect. As a result, we may try to motivate them by using tactics that simply don’t work for most people, such as urging more willpower, offering unwanted advice, and threatening them with the scary outcomes of continued non-adherence. Unfortunately, this can cause people to become even more frustrated and disengaged, immobilized with fear, and hopeless about their ability to ever manage diabetes well. In order to employ more effective strategies to facilitate adherence, it may be necessary to first consider a new framework. Learn some key ways to change your conversations with your patients that can help them move from discouraged with diabetes to more engaged and willing to make changes for improved management.


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